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Beer and Wine Makers Warehouse is under new ownership. My name is Bo Kolcio and I am the new owner of Beer and Wine Makers Warehouse.My interest and passion for winemaking came from my grandfather, and beer making I started 20 years ago as a college student. During my travels to Germany and Belgium I visited breweries and had the opportunity to talk with the brewmasters and observe their beer making process. Having made beer and wine for friends and family over the years, I am very knowledgeable about both processes and can confidently advise and help my customers with any questions they may have. I look forward to greeting and meeting patrons of the former ownership as well as new customers to the store.

Since taking ownership  I have made a number changes which will help me to better serve the customers. I have lowered prices on most of the existing inventory and plan to add new and diversified inventory. With free classes and new products my goal is to provide my customers with the best service possible, and  to make Beer and Wine Makers Warehouse one of the largest and best establishments in New England.




Featured Items this Month.

Select wine and beer kits  20% off.
50lb bags of 2-row $49.99
5 gallon ball lock soda kegs  $44.99  reconditioned $54.99
We also have 5 lb and 20 lb Co2 tanks as well as 40cu ft. Nitrogen tanks to buy or swap out.

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