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Spring 2018


 SPRING 2018
Spring has finally arrived and the weather is looking good for beer brewing and winemaking. We have all the equipment and ingredients to get you brewing.
2018 Passport wine kits in stock.

We have a new batch of Passport wine kits in stock. If you haven’t tried the Passport series wine kits now is your chance. They come out once a year and each year they choose grapes from different countries. This year we have:

Aglianico Cabernet Merlot – Campania | Tuscany | Veneto, Italy

Two Roads Red – Dry Creek Valley, California 

Viognier Roussanne Marsanne – Northern Rhone & Savoie, France.
Grow your own Hops
 It’s the perfect time to grow your own hops and we have fresh hop rhizomes in stock. You don’t need a green thumb is grow hops successfully. All you need is a little space, (some grow them in containers). Hopes are perennial so they come back year after year. We have a great book to help you out.

Current Hop Rhizome selection:

Chinook, Cascade, Columbus, Centennial, Mt. Hood, Nugget, Sterling, Willamette and Zeus.