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December 2018

Last minute holiday shopping. We have you covered. The store is open Saturday, December 22nd 9 AM to 3 PM. 
     Use this Coupon on Saturday Decmeber 22nd.
 Save big on that Grainfather, brewpot, fastferment, kegging setup or anything else you have always wanted!
Here are a few holiday gift ideas:

The Grainfather: 

The Grainfather takes the best brewing practices from craft breweries and puts them into a simple to use, all in one system to ensure anyone can brew a professional craft beer at home, no matter their brewing experience! $998
Portable Kegerator:
Take your beer/wine/favorite drink anywhere with this portable kegerator. Includes 2.5 gallon keg, tap system, co2 system and it all fits into a 5 gallon cooler. The cooler will hold your beverage cold for up to 3 days in 90 degree heat!  $199 
Wine Making Kit:
All the equipment you need to make up to 6 gallons of wine.  $99
Beer Making Kit:
All the equipment you need to make up to 6 gallons of beer .  $139
Wine and Beer Ingredient kits:
There kits include every thing you need to make up to 6 gallons of wine or beer. Many styles to choose from Cabs to Rieslings and Stouts to Double IPA’s and every thing in between. $36-$175
Oak Barrels:
Handcrafted from charred American White Oak and 6 galvanized steel bands. Perfect for aging various spirits or dispensing drinks. Great for parties and events! Includes barrel, stand, bung and wooden spigot. 2 Liter $47.99 5 Liter $79.99
Gift Certificates:
Not sure what to get? Get them a gift they can pick out with a gift certificate. 
Upcoming Events:
All Grain Class
Are you looking to make the transition into all grain brewing? We will have a class on All Grain Brewing on Saturday, March 2nd 2019 at 10 AM. Space is limited so please reserve your spot early. The class will run approximately 2 hrs and the cost is $30.  To reserve a spot please email us at