Like coffee? Don’t like to pay the high prices for good quality coffee. Roast your own. Save money and get coffee house quality coffee in your own home. 

Home roasting has become popular among home beer brewers, wine makers and cheese makers. Roasting your own beans is a simple and quick process. You can control the darkness of your roast. Roast your beans to a medium roast or all the way to an espresso roast.  All you need is good quality green coffee beans and a roaster. Roasting can be done on your stove top in a pan or in your oven. Other methods include air popcorn poppers and dedicated home roasters.

At Beer and Wine Makers Warehouse we offer quality green coffee beans and roasters.

Green Coffee beans:

Red Catuai – Direct from Maui, HI. These beans are very similar to Kona coffee but at a fraction of the price.

Organic Brazil Poco Fundo

Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Organic Sumatra Permata Gayo


front500_300x233Behmor 1600 –  Roasts up to 1 pound of coffee in about 30 min.

fresh500-500_300x300Fresh Roast SR500 – Roasts up to 1/4 pound of coffee in about 10 min.